"The Village of the New Sun"
Season One, Episode 31
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"The Village of the New Sun" is the thirty-first episode from the first season of The Mysterious Cities of Gold.


The party make their way along a narrow mountain ledge, with the Olmecs in pursuit. Once onto flat ground, they're surrounded by the Olmecs, but the Olmecs are ambushed by a group of Maya. Esteban saves Myena from an attacking Olmec, and the Olmecs retreat. The attacking Maya are led by Wynacocha, Myena's husband-to-be. He takes them back to the village of the Maya of the New Sun, a tribe dedicated to fighting the Olmecs. Wynacocha goes to see the village Chief, a traveller who arrived there five years ago, who is also Myena's adopted father. Now that they have Myena back, they have no reason not to attack the Olmec base in the mountain. But the Chief is ill and begs Wynacocha to wait for his recovery so that he might lead the attack. The Olmecs, meanwhile, capture the Doctor, Marinche and Teteola. They prove their "good intentions" to the Olmec Chief, Menator, by offering him a gold condor statue they know the whereabouts of. Esteban, Zia and Myena gather herbs to make medicine for the sick Maya Chief. Zia laments the loss of her own father. The Doctor leads a group of Olmecs to the whole where the golden condor landed. In the Maya village, Sancho & Pedro escape from their locked room, and go exploring. They find the Chief's house and try listening down the chimney, but fall through the roof and are caught. Wynacocha is angry and has them locked up again. The imprisoned party overhear a Maya scout reporting that the Olmecs have found a gold condor statue. When Myena tells the old Chief about the children, he recognises Zia's name - for he is Zia's father, the Papa Camaillo of Puna. Myena rushes to fetch Zia, but the children have already escaped to get the condor back.


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