"The Urubus"
Season One, Episode 16
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"The Urubus" is the sixteenth episode from the first season of The Mysterious Cities of Gold.


Mendoza and his companions cut the rope bridge to stop the Europeans following them to the High Peak. Meanwhile the children approach Chief Kraka and tell him they plan to journey to a city to the south. Kraka allows Mendoza, Sancho & Pedro to accompany them, but insists on sending Weyna and several other Incas with them. After three days' walk through barren country the party find giant bronze arrows of the type used by the fierce giants of the Urubu tribe. Moments later the giants amubsh them from the clifftops. Mendoza leads the others through a cave, too narrow for the giants to fit through, but Weyna and the other Incas are presumably lost in the battle. Our heroes find an unconscious girl, Lana, from the floating village of Tetola. She explains that she escaped from the Urubu, who wished to sacrifice her. She leads them to her village, built on a floating island of reeds on Lake Titicaca. The grateful villagers welcome them, but have no useful knowledge of the cities of gold. The Urubu appear at the lakeside, building rafts to attack the island and retrieve their intended sacrifice. Under Tao's instruction, the party build a small submarine out of old boats. At dawn the following day, the Urubu launch their attack. Esteban and Tao in the submarine cut apart their rafts from below. The Urubu, thinking the submarine is a lake monster, retreat hastily. The captured Urubu chief promises to end the attacks on the village, and points them to the sacred mountain of Pachamama, the earth goddess.


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