"The Swamps"
Season One, Episode 26
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"The Swamps" is the twenty-sixth episode from the first season of The Mysterious Cities of Gold.


The party trek eastward through the mountains, tired and hungry. They stop and rest, and Tao rereads the now-complete manuscript. It reads: "The winged serpent, covered with a cloth of gold, crossing mountains and praries, reaches the swamp of the rain god, to build a new capital". They chase an iguana, catch and eat it. Meanwhile, the Doctor, Marinche and Teteola are following their trail, and take a different route to get ahead of them. They are attacked by a giant eagle, forcing them to fall from the mountain path and get trapped on a ledge. The party, following the same path, are attacked by the bird. Spears are of little help, but the Doctor shoots the bird from the ledge below. In return he asks for his rescue, but Mendoza refuses, so he asks again with his gun pointed at Mendoza's head. Esteban throws down a rope and they climb up, Mendoza taking the Doctor's gun for safekeeping. They reach the prarie. The Doctor and his associates are exhausted and choose to stop and rest while the party go on ahead - Marinche knows that the prarie is actually a swamp, but the party don't...though they find out soon enough. They find themselves surrounded by alligators, but escape by crossing the water on giant lily leaves. They reach firm ground, and as a storm brews overhead, find a statue of the rain god.


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