"The Spaniards' Cannon"
Season One, Episode 20
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"The Spaniards' Cannon" is the twentieth episode from the first season of The Mysterious Cities of Gold.


The party agree to fly in the condor to the land of the Mayas. First they set off for the High Peak, to seek directions from Chief Kraka. On the way, Zia's pet condor approaches, and they follow it. The Europeans are rebuilding the rope bridge to get to the High Peak. Kraka is warned and orders his men to block the entrance behind the waterfall. The condor arrives on the scene. Esteban sees the cannon being moved across the bridge and flies at it, breaking the bridge. Cannon and soldiers alike plummet down the canyon. The others note that Esteban seems quite recovered from his fear of heights. Gomez, Gaspard and a group of soldiers are already across the bridge, and find the cave behind the waterfall blocked. They remove the obstruction with gunpowder, but the explosion causes a landslide. Gomez and Gaspard fall into the river and are carried away. The cave is left sealed for all time, leaving the people of the High Peak secure in their isolation. The condor lands there, but no-one there knows the whereabouts of the land of the Mayas. According to old Mayuka, the only man who would know is the Papa Camaillo of Puna - Zia's father, who left to find the sacred fountain of the Mayas. The party leaves the following morning, seeing Pachu's chicks en route.


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