"The Reunion"
Season One, Episode 33
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"Revolt of the Mayas"

"The Reunion" is the thirty-third episode from the first season of The Mysterious Cities of Gold.


The condor lands in the village. The wounded Papa Camaillo is finally reunited with his daughter Zia. He tells her that after Pizarro captured her and took her away to Spain, he went on a quest to find the Cities of Gold, and finally found the gates to just such a city at the intersection of the diagonals of a square formed by the three ruined cities and the Burning Shield. He warns that in the City lies a priceless treasure which would place the world in great danger if it fell into Olmec hands. Then he dies. The Olmecs, discovering that the condor statue is actually a flying machine, believe that they have been tricked by the Doctor and his associates. The Olmecs in suspended animation are starting to die - the Olmecs power source is no longer sufficient to maintain their refrigeration, and retrieving the great treasure from the Cities of Gold becomes an urgent priority. Wynacocha travels to other villages to seek help in fighting the Olmecs, but the other tribes are too frightened to fight. Sancho and Pedro, meanwhile, plan to leave now that they know where the Cities of Gold are. Mendoza, angered by their reluctance to stay and fight, thumps them and tells Esteban that the three of them will help fight the Olmecs. Meanwhile, the other tribes meet and decide to join forces and fight after all.


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