"The Olmec Machine"
Season One, Episode 35
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"The Olmec Machine" is the thirty-fifth episode from the first season of The Mysterious Cities of Gold.


Tao ponders his jar; why does it react to the Olmecs' crystal? Is their power source similar to the sun-power with which the Hiva people destroyed themselves? Gomez and Gaspard turn up, forcing the children to go into the mountain with them. Wynacocha announces that the main body of the Olmec army has been defeated. The three sailors hear about the children being taken into the mountain and look for a way to follow them inside. Gomez, Gaspard and the children are coaxed down a corridor and a long staircase by a projection of Menator. The children manage to escape and run ahead. Gomez and Gaspard give chase, and they all end up in the cryochamber where the suspended Olmecs are kept. Menator makes another holographic appearance, explaining the the plight of his people: Long ago a terrible war broke out, most of the world's population wiped out. The Olmecs took refuge in the mountain, the Earth poisoned by the war. Over generations, their bodies changed. No longer able to bear children, they seek immortality through their cell-transplant experiments. Menator pretends to know the location of the Cities of Gold to trick Gomez and Gaspard into cooperating. It works, and they follow him, dragging the children along. The three sailors, meanwhile, enter the mountain via the cave with the stream. Gomez, Gaspard, and the children, are led to the room with the huge face on the wall. It slides open from the centre, and Menator invites them to enter the darkness beyond. The children try to escape but are cornered. Mendoza, Sancho and Pedro burst in, and a fight ensues. Menator drags Zia into the darkness. The wall slides closed. Menator looks down from one of the face's eyes, threatening to hurt Zia. Rather than allow this, Esteban tells him where the Cities of Gold are. Light fills the room. A strange Olmec machine burrows its way through the mountain, bringing ceilings crashing down all over the base. The Doctor and his companions escape from their cell only to be killed by the machine's passing. The machine emerges into the open air, revealing itself to be a bizarre flying machine.


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