"The New Continent"
Season One, Episode 8
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"The New Continent" is the eighth episode from the first season of The Mysterious Cities of Gold.


After many adventures, Esteban and his friends finally set foot on the new continent. But there, they meet the soldiers of Governor Francisco Pizarro, men who think only of gold. They capture Zia and try to make her tell them the way to the Cities of Gold, but Tao and Esteban help her to escape.


The Solaris reaches land, only for the party to be captured by European guards. Mendoza introduces himself and explains his mission to bring Zia to the gold-obsessed Governor Francisco Pizarro. They are led into a native fortress claimed by Europeans, where Pizarro seizes Zia and gives her a quipu to read. It tells that there is a City of Gold near her homeland, so to protect her people she pretends to be unable to read it. Knowing she is holding back, Pizarro leaves Mendoza to extract the information from her gently, and imprisons the others with some natives. A native Inca elder, seeing Esteban's medallion, hails him as a saviour God. Mendoza distracts the Europeans by setting fire to the fort's gunpowder store, and runs off with Zia in the confusion. The soldiers, unwilling to risk their own lives, send out the prisoners to fight the blaze. The released Incas promptly escape to the sea. Esteban and Tao, unaware that Zia is already safe, escape into the fort's sewers in the hope of finding a way to rescue her. They end up under the fort's drawbridge, are chased by guards, but rescued by the Incas. While the Incas return to their village, our friends regroup at the Solaris.

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