"The Nazca Plateau"
Season One, Episode 19
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"Maiden Flight of the Great Condor"
"The Spaniards' Cannon"

"The Nazca Plateau" is the nineteenth episode from the first season of The Mysterious Cities of Gold.


The condor, still on autopilot, flies west. It passes over a village being ransacked by Europeans, scaring them greatly. They run to inform Governor Pizarro. The condor lands on the Nazca plateau. Mendoza and the children examine the mysterious giant markings which cover the plain. They decide that the condor landed because it uses the power of the sun, and the approaching sunset would have caused it to crash. Sancho and Pedro fiddle with the controls and a snake-shaped lever emerges from the panel. The children discover that it controls the bird's movements. Pizarro's men tell him about the condor, and leaves immediately to capture the children. While the party sleep by the condor, Pizarro reaches the nearby village, and with soldiers rides to the plateau. They arrive just before sunrise and surround the condor. Mendoza decides it would be prudent to surrender rather than be killed. Pizarro demands to see Esteban fly the condor. As the sun rises, the condor powers up, glowing blindingly. The party, their eyes closed against the glare, run to the condor. The condor leaves the ground, Mendoza leaping on just in time. Esteban flies around, trying out the condor's controls.


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