"The Jade Mask"
Season One, Episode 23
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"The Jade Mask" is the twenty-third episode from the first season of The Mysterious Cities of Gold.


The Golden Condor continues on its flight north. When the party see a rainbow ahead, lots of coloured lights spring into life in the cockpit. The condor goes into autopilot, dives through the rainbow, lands at the bottom of a very deep hole in the ground, and refuses to take off. It's nose moves, gouging a hole in the rock wall. the gang follow the stairway it opens up, which ends at a solid stone ceiling. On careful examination Mendoza manages to move a large slab, letting them all out into a ruined city. The party explore the city. Sancho and Pedro are disappointed by the lack of gold. Kukapetl leads Tao to a statue of a winged serpent, with Hiva-like inscriptions on it. It tells that the statue represents an ancient god. Tao goes off exploring. Kukapetl leads the others after him, down a stairway leading to an underground chamber with another winged serpent statue. A secret passage behind this statue leads to another room where Tao is examining hieroglyphics on the wall. He interprets them thusly: "A long time ago in the land of the Mayas, there lived a man who was very intelligent, and he understood the heaven and the earth. He was called the winged serpent". This man built a gigantic furnace. "Everything can be found in the city of gold". Meanwhile, Sancho and Pedro try to remove a valuable jade mask which is mounted on the wall. Their efforts activate hidden machinery which thrusts stone beams out of the walls, sealing the entrance and opening an exit in the floor. The party follow it back to the city.


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