The Esperanza was the sailing ship that brought Esteban and Zia, Mendoza, Sancho and Pedro (along with Perez, Gomez and Gaspar) from Spain to the New World.

The ship was under the command of Captain Perez. After a months long voyage from Barcelona, Spain. It encountered a severe storm tore the ship apart somewhere near Galaplos Islands. Mendoza, Sancho, Pedro and the Children of the Sun take refuge on the front of the until it falls apart. They make a raft from parts of the ship and get away before the last of The Esperanza sinks.

'Esperanza' means "to hope."

In History Edit

There are no known sailing vessels from Spain or the Old World during the exploration and conquest of the New World (15-16th centuries) called The Esperanza. However, there was a slaver ship from Portugal named the The Esperanza that sank off the coast of East Caicosin 1837; more than 200 of the slaves aboard survived.