"The Escape"
Season One, Episode 30
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"The Escape" is the thirtieth episode from the first season of The Mysterious Cities of Gold.


Kalmec shows the captive party their giant crystal, explaining that it was created by an ancestor of the Olmecs to transform light and geothermal energy into usable energy. The party are taken to Menator. He calls in Myena, an enslaved Maya girl, who brings him Tao's jar. Menator asks the party about the Cities of Gold. Mendoza claims to know little of them. Esteban tries to get Tao's jar back but is hit by a stun ray. The three sailors are put to work cleaning out a reservoir tank, while the children are taken to the Olmec doctors. Menator orders that the children be placed in suspended animation to avoid them being injured trying to escape, and discusses with Kalmec the importance of finding the Cities of Gold. The sailors plan to escape through reservoir waste pipe. Mendoza overcomes their guard and they run for it. Myena gives them Tao's stuff and tells them that the children are to be frozen. Kukapetl helps Mendoza distract guards, and he messes with the controls of the power system. The children are placed in the refrigeration room. The power fails due to Mendoza's tampering. In the confusion Mendoza rescues the children. The party run, finding a dead end. A fight with the Olmecs ensues, but an Olmec spear breaks open a thin rock wall, making an exit. From there they return to the reservoir and escape - along with Myena - via the drainage channel they found earlier.


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