"The Abduction of Zia"
Season One, Episode 5
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"The Abduction of Zia" is the fifth episode from the first season of The Mysterious Cities of Gold.


After a dangerous journey, Esteban and his friends are washed up on a mysterious island. That night, a shadowy figure comes creeping towards them. Silently, the figure steals a chart and a pistol, then snatches up Zia. Esteban gives chase. He discovers a curious house in a tree, where Zia is a prisoner. To Esteban's surprise, the mysterious shadow turns out to be a friendly boy of his own age, called Tao.


Having landed safely on the seemingly deserted island, the group catch a giant turtle to cook and eat, but Sancho & Pedro don't like the look of it so they wander off to find their own food. While trying to extract water from a cactus, they are frightened by a giant lizard, and in their flight come across chicken roasting on a spit. Before they can tuck in they faint with fear from the appearance of a strange creature to which the food apparently belong. When the others find them unconscious there is no sign of food nor creature. While our heroes sleep, the creature enters their camp and steals Mendoza's sea chart and pistol. Esteban gives chase by is eluded. The creature kidnaps Zia and takes her off the island by boat. Esteban swims after them and reaches another island where the "creature" lives in a magnificent treehouse. Here he finds Zia asleep on a bed, and hearing footsteps he hides only to discover that the "creature" is a boy of his own age, named Tao.

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