Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Appearances Season 1, 2
Portrayed by Adrian Knight
Tao is the last remaining descendant of the ancient civilization of Hiva. He lives on the island in the Galapagos in a tree house built by him, his father and his grandfather. His only friend on the island is his parrot, Kokapetl.

Tao is the brains of the group, he carries an encyclopedia which has the knowledge of the Hiva people. He like to plan what to do before hand and doesn't like Esteban's jump in and think what to do later' way of thinking, but he follows him anyway.

Tao has lived with the legend, handed down to him, that a girl with dark eyes (Zia) will lead him to the lands to the east. Also handed to him is a mysterious gold jar that only the high priest of The Cities of Gold can open. Initially he is evasive to the others' company when they wash up on his island, but when the ship Solaris was revealed, he joined them on their journey.

Tao is also brave which is not shown as much but to save the Incan people he destroys The Solaris from the Spanish.

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