"Secret of the Solaris"
Season One, Episode 7
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"Secret of the Solaris" is the seventh episode from the first season of The Mysterious Cities of Gold.


Gomez's Spanish galleon overtakes and attacks the Solaris, the sun-powered ship on which the children are travelling. They manage to outrun the Spanish ship when Tao discovers a wonderful secret solar power boost, just in time. At last, they reach the new continent.


Mendoza and his sailors offer their services to "Captain Tao", who reluctantly accepts. While they set about figuring out the ship's controls, Tao destroys his treehouse - he has no intention of returning. After setting sail, Mendoza explores the ship, finding a room which contains a large, mysterious gold cube. Tao admits to being similarly perplexed regarding its function. A spanish galleon approaches, carrying Gomez and Gaspard, and fires a warning shot. The huge Solaris cannot hope to escape with its inadequate sail. Mendoza and Tao decide that they have no choice but to break open the golden cube in the hope of finding something which can help them, but brute force fails to so much as scratch it. Esteban decides an ornament on the cube (curiously unnoticed until now) may be a lever. He pulls it and sliding doors open in the ceiling, exposing the cube to sunlight. The sail furls itself up and is replaced by a huge metal one, which uses the sun's energy to drive mechanical oars. The Spanish galleon opens fire, but the Solaris accelerates out of range. As the sun sets, the New World comes into sight.

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