"Maiden Flight of the Great Condor"
Season One, Episode 18
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"Maiden Flight of the Great Condor" is the eighteenth episode from the first season of The Mysterious Cities of Gold.



Having fallen asleep beside the Great Condor, Esteban and his friends are awoken by an earthquake. While Mendoza, Pedro and Sancho head down below the temple to try to discover what is happening, Esteban and Tao climb up the condor in order to see the quipu that Pichu has discovered in the giant bird's beak. Suddenly overcome by dizziness, Esteban falls into a cavity which turns out to be the control cabin of the Condor. In the meantime, Zia has deciphered the message of the quipu: "A danger is closing in on the town. All the inhabitants have already left for the land of the Mayas, but in the event of any danger, the Great Condor will come to their aid". While this has been happening, Pedro and Sancho have discovered a secret passage which leads them all to a well bearing the mark of the Great Condor. They take the stone stairs down inside the well, where they discover a grotto and a sheet of boiling lava. They realize that it is a crater which is about to erupt and so our friends flee back to the inside of the temple as the earth trembles under their feet. Before long, the ceiling of the temple collapses and the light floods in, shining on the blazon of the wall. This blazon begins to turn and reflects the light back to the Condor. The head of the bird begins to move up and down. All the time, the walls of the temple are crumbling around them, as our friends take refuge in the control cabin of the bird. A last eruption completely destroys the town and shoots the Condor out of the temple. Hardly knowing what to do, our friends have the idea of placing their pendants on the blazon in the Condor's control cabin. This sets off a mechanism: the golden bird begins to fly and it rises up into the skies.

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