Jean Chalopin (born 31 May 1950 in Paris) is a French producer and writer. In 1971, Chalopin created the company DIC Audiovisuel, which later evolved into DiC Entertainment, and wrote and produced programs animated by Japanese studios. Jean Chalopin is married to Chinese/Singaporean ex-Model, Ethel Chalopin. They have two children, Janvier and Tanis.

Jean Chalopin started in animation during the '70s by producing institutional and commercial cartoons. At that time, French animation production is almost nonexistent. He establishes a studio in Tours, then in Boulogne:DIC, but it's hard to find enough qualified French staff to produce important series. So he decides to go to Japan to produce series for television faster and at lower cost. DIC becomes the largest producer of European cartoons by 1980. In 1987, Jean Chalopin decides to separate from his company DIC which is sold to an American group. He returns to France and creates C&D (Creativity & Development), which produces series in Europe: The Twins of Destiny, T. Rex, Conan: The Adventurer. However, competition at that time was becoming tougher, affecting the quality of the production, and C&D is eventually sold to the company Saban/Fox in 1996.

Today, Chalopin has almost nothing to do with the producers of DIC Enterprise (acquired by Disney). However, he still took part in the adaptation of the film of Inspector Gadget, and he wrote 52 episodes for the new animated series Gadget and the Gadgetinis produced for Fox/DIC. He also wrote a series entitled Cyrano 2022 and a draft of script for the Mysterious Cities of Gold sequel that that's being produced for a 2012 release.

Jean Chalopin has been the main creative force behind the writing and production of over 1,000 half-hour television episodes. Some of his works include: Inspector Gadget, Heathcliff (and the Cadilliac Cats), The Littles, Ulysses 31, The Care Bears, Kissyfur, The Real Ghostbusters, The Mysterious Cities of Gold, Dennis the Menace, Zoobilee Zoo, Conan the Adventuer, M.A.S.K., Jayce & The Wheeled Warriors, Lady Lovelylocks, King Arthur and The Knights of Justice, The Bots' Master, The Littlest Pet Shop, Happy Ness, etc.