"Heroes Again"
Season One, Episode 3
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"Adrift on the Endless Sea"

"Heroes Again" is the third episode from the first season of The Mysterious Cities of Gold.


Mendoza, as navigator, spends four days and nights steering the ship through the (well-animated) straits, with the aid of Sancho and Pedro's dubious steering. Much to the delight of the crew, they clear the Straits successfully. Esteban is reminded that his father was last seen near the ship's position. When Zia is made ill by drinking water, Esteban tries to steal some from the officers' private supply. Panicked by rats, he is caught by Gaspard and the two children are locked away in the hold, despite Mendoza's protests. The navigator's usefulness seems at an end until flying fish herald the appearance of a typhoon.


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