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Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Presumed Dead
Appearances Season 1
Portrayed by Matt Berman

Gomez is a Commander in the Spanish army. It was Gomez who sent Mendoza out to kidnap Zia on Governor Pizarro's orders. He is ambitious and also has a lust for gold. Gomez's is not an honourable person. His word means nothing, as he goes back on it, as Zia has found out.

He identified quite quickly that Mendoza could be a threat to him and the expedition to find the Cities of Gold. So he plotted with Captain Perez and Gaspard to get rid of him. But as usual, Mendoza countered this and made sure that he was indispensable to them. When the ship they were on was shipwrecked, Gomez thought the children and Mendoza had been killed. He was rescued by another of Pizarro's ships.

It was at this time that he came across the Solaris, a ship powered by the sun, and found out that the children and Mendoza were still alive. So he pursued them, but the Solaris was too quick. But Gomez is a determined person and does not give up easily. He eventually caught up with a moored Solaris, which he took control of. But he didn't count on Tao and Zia blowing it up.

Gomez knows that Governor Pizarro doesn't take kindly to failure. He knows that if he keeps failing to re-capture Zia for the Governor that it wouldn't be wise to see Pizarro again, as it would mean certain death for Gomez.

Later on in his quest to re-capture the children, he came across Mendoza without the children and knows that Mendoza would be the best person to guide his men in pursuit of the children through the Forbidden Zone, much to the disgust of Gaspard. But Mendoza betrayed him again by stealing his cannon and joining the Inca's, so Gomez has vowed he will never trust Mendoza again.