"Esteban's Medallion"
Season One, Episode 14
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"Esteban's Medallion" is the fourteenth episode from the first season of The Mysterious Cities of Gold.


Tao figures out that the marker points the way to the first city of gold, but before they can travel there, Esteban needs to have the sun symbol part of his medallion which Mendoza possesses. Outside the Fort of the Black Eagle, Gomez reinforces his men with a cannon that will surely destroy the fort, but Mendoza steals it and gives it to the Inca as a peace offering. The plan backfires however, and Mendoza, Pedro and Sancho are sentenced to be executed. Esteban shows up at the last second and asks the Inca to spare Mendoza because he came in order to give Esteban's sun symbol back to him. Mendoza reluctantly hands it over and Esteban completes his medallion.


Before they can journey onward, Esteban needs the other half of his medallion. He plans to go back and get it from Mendoza, but Chief Kraka will not allow this and instead sends Weyna & Kecha to get it. The Europeans, meanwhile, are marching toward the Fort of the Black Eagle with a cannon. Chief Kraka decides that his people will retreat if necessary. Concerned that Wenya & Kecha will kill Mendoza, Esteban sneaks off to find Mendoza himself. Zia and Tao follow, catching up when Esteban's vertigo overcomes him on a bridge. The children soon find themselves hopelessly lost, but Zia's pet condor appears on the scene and shows them the way to the Fort. Mendoza and his companions run across Gomez and Gaspard again, steal their cannon and run off. They find themselves at the bottom of a cliff. They offer the cannon to Weyna & Kecha, who haul them up just in time. But when they arrive at the Fort, Chief Yupani is not convinced, and orders the sailors killed. However Esteban arrives just in time to stop the execution, and Mendoza is forced to hand over the other half of Esteban's medallion.

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