"Attack of the Olmecs"
Season One, Episode 32
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"Attack of the Olmecs" is the thirty-second episode from the first season of The Mysterious Cities of Gold.


The Olmecs on the march, having found out the location of the Maya village. The children see a shadowy figure, from which they run only to be confronted by another. They turn out to be Gomez and Gaspard, whom they had thought to be dead. Gomez and Gaspard cannot return to Pizarro because of their various failures in the past, and are now searching for the Cities of Gold. The children tell them that Mendoza, Sancho and Pedro are dead. They join forces to get the condor from the Olmecs, who are preparing to lift the condor with ropes. Olmec forces surround the Maya village. The three sailors help prepare the village's defences. The children, with Gomez and Gaspard, build a "monster" out of an old wagon, furs, and torches...and gunpowder. It explodes in the Olmecs' faces, temporarily frightening them off. While Gomez and Gaspard hold off the Olmecs, the children climb into the condor. The sun rises just in time, and the condor takes off with Gomez and Gaspard clinging onto the beak. Esteban accidentally flies the condor through some trees, leaving Gomez and Gaspard hanging from the upper branches. The children fly the condor over the Maya village, which is being set aflame by the Olmecs. The Papa Camaillo drags himself from his bed to fight, but is critically wounded by an Olmec arrow. The condor's arrival scares the Olmecs away.


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